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Have you ever thought of taking a guided trip into eastern Europe to the heart of Transylvania? Now you have the possibility.
Every year John Dumas will lead a team of people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and their hearts touched. The team is called " Team Hope Builders" and we offer a lifetime experience for you to see the amazingly dedicated crew at Diaconia in Brasov (Transylvania) Romania. This dedicated bunch have been working together for over 25 years by reaching into the poverty stricken communities and changing lives one at a time. Now you can be a part of this yourself by seeing it with your own eyes, but be careful, Romanian's have a way of changing you forever, just ask me.

Here's what we offer with " Team Hope Builders"

  • Spend the day or even a night with the child and family you sponsor, experience their lives first hand.
  • Build or renovate a house for a family from the poor community
  • Deliver food, clothes, and other goods, to the poor communities
  • Hold a workshop for the children in the Youth Center of Diaconia
  • Be a teacher helper in the Youth Center
  • Help with the children’s summer camps
  • Brasov is a city that was built in the year of 1235. There are many sights to see including the infamous Dracula's castle

The trip dates will be announced in advance. The number of team members is limited.
For more details and information please contact our office in San Diego: 

John Dumas
West2East Hope International

P.O. Box 1861 Alpine, CA 91903


Let your creativity flow! Donate your birthday, your wedding, your puppy’s birthday, or your first date. Create an event. Organise a campaign. Any other ideas?
Enjoy doing good, and make others join the movement you are stirring! Have fun!


Use social media as a platform to raise awareness. Spread the word about our mission, and share our stories with friends and family. Give it a click!


For more informations contact our office in San Diego:

Youth Center Brasov Romania

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West2East Hope International
P.O. Box 1861 Alpine, CA 91903

John Dumas
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