The Siraciov Family 2015

Alexandru (35 y.o.) and Loredana (36 y.o.) are together for 12 years and together they have 3 children: Lidia (11 y.o.), Daniel (10 y.o.), Matei (7 y.o.). Alexandru (or SaČ™a, as friends and family call him) is from Republic of Moldova but he has residence papers in Romania. Loredana is from Codlea and comes from a large family with 5 siblings, but one of them passed away at 13 years old. At that moment, Loredana’s mother suffered a shock and this added to the hardships of sharing the life with her husband, she decided that divorce would be the solution for a peaceful life with her children. However, Loredana’s life did not improve, but on the contrary everything was going from bad to worse. So at the age of 16 she decided to run away and take life in her own hands. In 1999 she came to Brasov and in 2001 she met Alexandru.

Alexandru is a particularly diligent man, working two jobs. During the day he admins a small stand in one of the town’s marketplaces, and during the night he is a ward at the same marketplace. Since they got married, the couple moved from one home to another, paying rent. Loredana personally confessed she does not know how it is to have a house of her own, since neither her parents ever owned a house, always living with rent. Loredana works as an occasionally hired cleaning lady for several families. The couple love each other very much and they work just as much but it was impossible to have a house in their case.

The fact that they were selected and that by the end of 2015 they received one of the four social houses that the volunteers from Vodafone were built came as a shock for them, an outburst of joy and tears. To have their own house was a dream Loredana nurtured since she was a child: “This dream has become reality because of some wonderful people who served others so we can have the chance to live in a house of our own today”.

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