The Sandru Family 2012

Ionut (34 y.o.) and Monica (35 y.o.) know each other for more than 16 years and became a family 15 years ago. They have a son, Eric Ruben, who is 12 years old.

On July 2008, while travelling from Sibiu to Bucharest, their life changed tragically because of a car accident. Ionut was in a total coma for 2 weeks. He underwent many surgeries and he is alive today only by miracle.

His main condition after the accident is spastic tetra-paresis. His wife has to stay with him all the time as he needs assistance 24/7. They are also helped by their parents, but it is very difficult as Ionut cannot move at all, and he cannot sit for too long. Monica is very confident that her husband will recover one day and that he will walk again. This belief gives her strength and hope. She is taking great care of her husband and her love for him did not change. All the things they went through since the accident only strengthened their love.
When we met them, they lived in a simple apartment in Bucharest and the rent was paid by the Association Diaconia Ajutor International. The apartment had all the utilities they needed for a decent life.

Their income was composed of Ionut’s allowance for people with disabilities, a pension from the city hall, and Eric’s allowance (who was at the time going to kindergarten) — a total of 380 USD.
They wished for a new start, with the hope of a decent life. That is why they were ready to leave Bucharest and move to Cristian. Here Monica was able to work part time at Diaconia Ajutor International, and Eric could attend Diaconia’s Educational Center, and participated in school classes at the school nearby the Association. Monica believes that this change could help Ionut and hoped that soon he would start standing up from the wheelchair and walk again.

”It’s a fantastic thing for us, what is going to happen in Cristian. We thank the volunteers coming to help us build a home and, together with it, a better future”, said Monica.

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