The Zarioiu Family 2012

Marius (38 y.o.) and his wife, Manuela (38 y.o.) have been married for 16 years. But their story began more than 21 years ago when they were high school classmates. At the time we met them, they were living in RâČ™nov, county of Brasov, with their 4 children: Delia Miruna (15 y.o.), Alexandru (13 y.o.), Sara (11 y.o.), and Rebeca (8 y.o.).
Marius is a very hardworking man and was trying to offer a decent lifestyle to his family. He had been working at a wood processing company for 8 years. Skilled and willing to learn as much as possible, he managed to also learn to work as a constructor. While he was at work, Manuela was taking care of the household, raising and educating their 4 children.

Housing had been a great challenge for the family during their 16 years of marriage. After they united their destinies, they had been living for years in a dorm room, 20 m2 surface, with no toilet or heating, together with their 2 children at that time. But just before their third child was born (little Sara), a generous person from the community allowed them to live in his apartment, with no rent.

However, to the Zarioiu family’s concern, the owner of the apartment had put the flat for sale two years before, so this meant that as soon as a buyer would show up, Marius, Manuela and their 4 children would end up on the streets with no roof above their heads. The apartment they were living in was simple, decent, and had all the necessary utilities: electricity, water, gas. The total monthly income of the family was of 490 USD. What really defines the Zarioiu family is the love they have for each other and for their children. They were very serious, strict and correct regarding their budgeting, and they were paying the utilities on time.

“We have been praying to God for 5 years to bless us with our own home where to raise our children and enjoy a normal family life. The very thought of having a home of our own is a true miracle, a dream that came true”, said Manuela with hope in her eyes.

“It is an overwhelming feeling to know that more than 50 volunteers will join us daily and help us build our house in just 5 days. We do not know if we will ever be able to show our gratitude”, added Marius.

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