Hansel and Gretel


Their story

Ioan and Rozalia lost their home as a betrayal. Being homeless is hard for everyone, but becoming homeless at an old age is a particularly heavy burden. Ioan (66) and Rozalia (65) lost their home only a few years ago when Ioan's parents died and his sister inherited his parents' home and simply put Ioan and Rozalia on the streets. "She did not care that we had lived in that house all our lives and cared for my parents in their last years," says Ioan sadly. The betrayal fell hard on the elder couple.

They tried finding shelter at acquaintances, but sometimes they were doomed to sleep on the street. Finally, a friendly man took pity on them and gave them half of his garden, somewhere in the middle of Bra┼čov, near the railways. There Ioan built a narrow hut, without electricity or running water. You cannot even stand inside, but there is room for a bed and a makeshift oven. In the garden the couple planted grapes and vegetables. They do not get a pension, nor any other help from the state, although both have legally worked a lifetime, but the communist regime still has its consequences.

Ioan diligently collects old wood so they can heat up the little hut. "If we had chickens, we could sell the eggs and earn a small income. We could feed them with the corn that we grow in our garden, now it hangs over there, on the wire," says Rozalia. The 65-year-old woman is worried because the most time of the year the weather is very cold in Romania, and as firewood she can only use whatever Ioan finds on the streets. "As a ten-year-old, I was so badly abused by my mother because I got a bad grade, that I feared for my life and hid in the woods. It was winter. A neighbour rescued me. I was completely frozen and had frostbite. That's how I lost half my foot. I'm afraid of the cold," she says in a trembling voice.

It's hard to lose your home when you're old, like Rozalia. We want to support Ioan and Rozalia, all throughout the year, with wood and food, some construction materials, some chicken. We want to build them a house and buy a power generator, and also some chicken. Let's help this couple find their way back home. Thank you very much!


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