Joy in hardship

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Dan and His wife Magdalena are both thirty-eight years old and have been married since they were teenagers. Due to child birth complications, their first child only lived for twenty days. This was a hard blow to them as they were looking forward to starting a family. Their second child “Codrutsa” was born severely handicapped and needed to be sent to a special hospital facility to be sufficiently helped. They love Codrutsa, who is now eighteen years old, but because of their living situation, it is still impossible for their daughter to live at home. Her mother often visits Codrutsa, and when the family is able, they bring fresh clothes, diapers, and something sweet.
Dan and his wife were a little reluctant to have more kids as any parent would be, but they persisted and along came three more sons, Madalin (16), Cosmin (14), and Andrei (7). These three boys brought great joy to the family even though poverty and hardships constantly surround them. Both parents themselves had a very hard childhood with deaths and sickness in their families. Dan grew up without a mother, and his father, though a hard worker, often had to find jobs in other cities which kept him away from the family. Magdalena grew up without a father and her mother was sick with schizophrenia, often becoming violent towards her. The only ones to save her from those times were neighbors that would rush inside the house and take her away for a day until her mother would calm down. Now years later, the “Florea” family struggle in their fight against poverty. They love each other and love their kids. They all live in a one room house with a small kitchen\bedroom. Dan had begun to build the one room next to the kitchen years ago, and it remains unfinished. The house has mud walls and missing or cracked windows, with a dirt floor covered only by a thin rug. Dan and his wife sleep in this room in the spring and summer, but once autumn starts, and the cold begins, the whole family moves into the little kitchen where the wood-burning stove is. It is a hard life even if one tries to get used to it. Dan is a very hard worker and works at whatever job becomes available, but with an income of less than three hundred dollars a month, he can barely pay for the food let alone the construction materials needed to finish the room. We want to help the Florea family to be able to completely renovate that bedroom. Many materials are needed to do this: cement, paint, dry walls, windows, a strong door, furniture like beds and clothes lockers, a new wood burning stove to heat the room, and a washing machine to help keep fresh clean clothes for their special needs daughter in the hospital facility. All of this would cost approximately six thousand dollars. Thank you!

West2East Hope Int' West2East Hope Int'
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