Maria’s last years

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Maria was born in 1945, where she lived in a rural area of Romania in an era of war that ravaged the country. Many people were struggling for life with poverty at every turn. Maria never had an opportunity to go to school. Nevertheless she worked hard for other farmers in her village. When she turned eighteen, she met a man that would become her husband, though he would pass away after ten years of marriage leaving her behind with three small children. Maria was forced to find work outside her village in a factory twenty miles from her house. That meant she had to leave her small children alone during the day. She took early morning bus rides to the factory and back, getting home in the evenings. After one year of this, Maria contracted tuberculosis and was fired from her job because of the fear that others would contract the disease. Maria had a small house in the village she could call her own, but with no job, the family began to starve. Maria began to beg on the streets and work any kind of job that would open up in her village. Life had many unexpected turns for Maria and it was far from being easy. One year after she was fired from her job, her teenage son died of leukemia. Maria is now seventy-three years old. Her second son left when he married, but has similar financial problems, while her third son has special needs and one day recently set fire to their house, burning it down. Neighbors have temporarily taken Maria and her son into their house but she needs to find a permanent place. Maria feels like life has given up on her and she is now just a burden. Maria says in her own words, “I knew life would be hard but I didn't imagine that my last years on earth would be so painful”. We would like to try and ease Maria’s last years by buying her a small mobile home, something she could call her own and live out her last days. We are projecting the costs between five to six thousand dollars.
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West2East Hope Int' West2East Hope Int'
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