The Lost Boys


Their story

Their faces are expressionless. Even if Denis pets the little dog affectionately, there is no trace of a smile. The three boys are serious about the "work" they have to do. They would rather go to school instead, but between food and education, food is a priority.

Denis (5), Darius (7), and Andrei (9), live with their grandmother, Mioara. Their parents abandoned them due to marital conflicts that they couldn't overcome. The parents married very young and they had a short lived, violent marriage. They were also burdened by their poor condition, so they very immaturely chose to flee, leaving behind 3 young boys. Mioara, the grandmother, took them in her home and raised them ever since. The worse part is that Mioara is diagnozed with epilepsy and needs to be hospitalized often, so that leaves the boys home alone quite often.

The three boys together with their grandmother share a shabby little house, where no window, nor any door, stands intact. The wind blows through the house freely. The young lads collect plastic bottles and scraps, and hand them in at a recycling centre, receiving some pin money in return. They obviously can't earn enough to support themselves and their grandmother. The main income consists of the grandmother's handicap allowance plus the children's allowances, and all put together counts for a very small sum. To understand the "very small" part: they can't afford paying for new clothes, nor for school supplies. Only the oldest boy, Andrei, went to school, but only for one year. After one year they didn't have any money left to keep him in school. Darius has never been to school. And Denis has never even seen a kindergarten.

We could tackle the way these kids are deprived of a healthy social life, we could blame their parents, we could blame society, we could blame our neighbours, we could blame fate, whatever. But we are not here to blame, instead you and I want to help them. These boys are clever, the survived so far as best as they could, they have potential. They can have a better future if one by one, each of us acts on love and compassion. Rationally, logically: if everyone helps a little, all together we can help a lot (even maths says that: 1+1=2). That's what we aim for. We found the lost boys, now we want to take them to a sort of Neverland where they should Never experience the hardships that they were left with. We want to help them go to school, give them school supplies, clothes and shoes, food, and also we want to help the grandmother get all the medical attention she needs. Join us in finding the way for the lost boys!


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